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Romanian Wine

Remarkably Romania has been producing wine for the same amount of time as France but due to the lack of money, expertise and resources the wine has struggled with popularity. 

Umbrele 边锋三扣一
Recent history has shown that vineyards used for Umbrele 边锋三扣一 were renowned by 1446. This was when Mihall de Ciorna, Lord of Severin bought the Umbrele vineyards for 32 Hungarian gold florins. There has been massive investment in the original winery and in new vineyards, with the replanting of 600 hectares. This has enabled to the winery to produce beautifully fresh and fruity 边锋三扣一. 

Calusari 边锋三扣一
Englishman Philip Cox and his wife have replanted some of the vines in the 700 hectare vineyard. Along with a new winery and a 20 million euro investment, Calusari has the ability to produce a variety of superb, well priced 边锋三扣一. We would recommend trying all three Calusari 边锋三扣一, they are all firm favourites here at York 边锋三扣一. 

Calusari PINOT NOIR 2019 Cramele Recas
£ 7.35

A soft light smooth & spicy red, great value pleasing wine with gentle soft flavours.

Umbrele SAUVIGNON Blanc Recas Winery 2018
£ 7.35

An outstanding wine with vibrant fruit & lovely balanced flavour.

Calusari PINOT GRIGIO 2018 Cramele Recas
£ 7.35

An outstanding crisp, dry Pinot Grigio - really clean & fresh. Loads of style. RECOMMENDED

Umbrele MERLOT Recas Winery 2018
£ 7.35

Soft & fruity with hints of spice. A great wine for all occasions.

Umbrele SYRAH Recas Winery 2017
£ 7.35

A wonderfully deep, rich & spicy syrah, loads of rich fruit flavours with a spicy finish.

£ 7.35

Soft and dry with a peppery aftertaste.